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Headaches and Migraines

Headaches & Migraines

Are you one of millions in the UK suffering from chronic headaches which disturbs your work, productivity, activities of daily living, relationships with family and friends, sex lives and your marriage?

UK Acupuncture Clinics which specialized for, almost 20years, in treating the most severe cases successfully. Acupuncture provides safe and fast pain relief for the majority of the different types of headaches. If you have been diagnosed with a specific type of headache in the list below, Acupuncture may well have answers for resolving your debilitating pain and reclaiming your life free from pain. We usually treat the following types of headaches:

Cluster headaches
Sinus headaches
Exercise headaches
External compression headaches
Ice cream headaches
Primary cough headaches
Rebound headaches
Sex headaches
Spinal headaches
Tension headache
Thunderclap headaches
Trigeminal neuralgia